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Gilgal Grand Court

Heroines of Jericho for the State of VA

Prince Hall Afilliated (PHA)


History of Gilgal Grand Court Heroines of Jericho


     The following is a Historical account of information gathered by PGMAM Sallie F. Goodly and PGMAM Cynthia A. Hodges:  The records of history in the archives concerning the Holy Royal Arch of Freemasonry, states King Cyrus Grand Chapter Holy Royal Arch  Masons of Virginia (PHA, was Instituted in 1873, eighty (80) years before an idea of an Auxiliary came into being. This is an Edited and Short version; a more complete version is printed and can be obtained from the Historians or the Worthy Grand Secretary's Office.

     In 1954 Most Excellent Grand High Priest, Eugene Dickerson, Jr., realized the pattern of having an auxiliary organized to each branch of Masonry did not include an auxiliary to the Holy Royal Arch Masons, known as the Heroine of Jericho.  To have this done was a growing desire in his mind.  He realized the possibilities the mysteries of this Ancient Craft, whose origin can be traced through ancient and modern times and its establishment almost as old as creation, that  kind of influence of womankind would reach back into a more sacred spot, the home.  The woman in her motherly, sisterly, or wifely estate, has a touch of sympathy and a soul that can feel and understand.  He realized also man, was not placed here alone, but the Creator placed womankind by his side.  One of the Chief distinctions in having the female belonging to the Heroines of Jericho is the right to share in the heritage and honor of an organization, which was one of the First to lead the way.

    The framework of organizing began to unfold as he secured permission from King Cyrus Grand Chapter to establish Courts of Heroines of Jericho in the Jurisdiction of Virginia.  From inquires sent to all Holy Royal Arch Chapters about the idea, enthusiastic replies were received from Richmond, Portsmouth and Norfolk.  Special dispensations were issued to the following District Deputies of Royal Arch - Joseph Dandridge of Richmond, Alpha Rawls of Portsmouth, and Herman Franklin of  Norfolk.  The Dispensations permitted them to select ladies, who were Eastern Stars, with Holy Royal Arch Affiliations, to organize clubs. which would later become Courts of Heroines of Jericho.


    Grand High Priest then secured permission from the Grand Master of Virginia, Dr. W.L. Ransome, to set-up Courts.  Julia A. Jackson Grand Court Heroines Of Jericho of the District of Columbia was petitioned to initiate members of these clubs into the Order of the Heroines of Jericho.  On May 14 1955 the club members were brought to the Masonic Temple at 10th and U Streets in Washington D.C.,  be initiated and form and name their Clubs - Richmond Club, Portsmouth Club,  Norfolk Club.

    When the members returned home to their respective cities, Grand High Priest Dickerson then issued Under Dispensation Warrants and conducted election of Officers in each city - thereby establishing Bethel Court #1, Richmond, VA;  Rhoda Court #2, Portsmouth, VA; and

Cohesion Court #3, Norfolk, VA.

On September 19 1955, in the city of Richmond, VA, King Cyrus Grand Chapter Holy Royal Arch Masons of VA, honored the Petitions from the three Courts and Issued them Charters. The three Courts had representatives in Richmond who then petitioned the Grand Chapter to allow them to set-up a Grand Court of Heroines of Jericho. The request was granted, and a Committee composed of Companions of the Grand Council attended the meeting of the representatives from the Subordinate Courts and organized the Gilgal Grand Court Heroines of Jericho of Virginia. Assistance was given by Jurisdictions of District of Columbia, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


The following Courts were Chartered in Virginia:

Bethel #1 - September 1955

Rhoda #2 - September 1955

Cohesion #3 - September  1955

Jeshua #4 - 1956

Zerah #5 - December 1975

Shema #6 -  June 2004


During the years of 2007-2008 there were problems in Cohesion #3 and in 2009 there Charter was revoked, by Gilgal Grand Court with the consent of King Cryus Grand Chapter.


Currently there are only five (5) Courts in Virginia: 

Bethel #1

Rhoda #2

Jeshua #4


Shema #6

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