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Right Excellent Grand Secretary


 PHP Maurice Holland

Right Excellent Grand Secretary

120 Mistral Terrace

Suffolk, VA. 23434

The function of this office is to ensure that the dissemination of information on Royal Arch Masonry in the State and Jurisdiction of Virginia is performed in a smooth and expeditious manner. The following forms, certificates are available in the office:


  • Demits

  • Scholarship application

  • Annual Report Booklets

  • Certificates (year of service, exaltation)

  • Dispensations Notary Petitions Beneficiary

  • 25 & 50 year pins

  • DDGHP Quarterly Report Form

Click on either of the below links to access the appropriate form!!!



Deputies Quarterly Appraisal Report

2020 Continuing Education Form

2020 Education Assistance Form


2020 Grand Convocation Registration Package

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